Annual Coin Sets

Commemorate some of the year’s biggest events, anniversaries and milestones with our annual collection of commemorative coins dedicated to Britain’s finest.

The Royal Mint’s Annual Sets give you an opportunity to own some of the year’s key commemorative coins, carefully brought together in one impressive presentation.

By their very nature, the coins that The Royal Mint has created for more than 1,100 years make up the history of the United Kingdom, and are interwoven in the lives of everyone from its monarchs to everyday people. The commemorative coins we make provide a special opportunity to celebrate the people and events that have made a hugely important contribution to the UK and beyond. Each monumental story is captured and told in miniature on the tiny surface of a coin by skilled artists passionate about their craft.

For 2021, a collection of coins celebrates and explores the stories behind Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott, who made history come to life, John Logie Baird and the making of television, and H.G. Wells, the man who made science fiction reality. Interwoven with The Royal Mint’s history, we also celebrate how we were the change makers in 1971 as we mark the 50th anniversary of decimal day, and wish Her Majesty The Queen a happy 95th birthday as she continues to make a nation proud.

The sets are available in precious metal editions or struck in their circulating alloys, and are finished to either Proof or Brilliant Uncirculated standard.

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