Previous Webinars from The Royal Mint

Previous Webinars

Covering a range of numismatic subjects, and featuring talks from a variety of guest and in-house experts, our webinars offer unrivalled knowledge and insight into the world of coins. If you’ve missed any in the past, or you’re just discovering our webinar hub for the first time, take a look through our archive to discover our previous webinars and enjoy them at your leisure.

Previous Webinars

Women and Investing with The Royal Mint

Whilst investing is on the rise, it seems there is a significant gender gap, both in investing itself and the sentiment around it.  The Royal Mint recently conducted some research and it revealed that only 26 percent of surveyed women regularly invest, even though 53 percent say they would like to. In contrast, 51 percent of surveyed men claim to invest regularly.

The Royal Mint has worked with financial and fintech expert, author and keynote speaker, Jasmine Birtles, and not-for-profit organisation GAIN to host a webinar to support women who want to further educate themselves when it comes to investing.The webinar will provide insights and information at an entry level, without providing specific financial advice

This event will take place at 11am on Thursday 18 November 2021 and is free to attend.

Inspiration behind the Lakshmi bar and The Royal Mint’s Road to Diversity – 21 Oct 2021

Join us to find out more about the inspiration behind The Royal Mint’s new Lakshmi 20g gold minted bar- the most intricate bar that The Royal Mint has ever made.  During the session, you’ll hear from The Royal Mint’s Head of Design, as well experts from the Shree Swaminarayan temple in Cardiff who collaborated on the development of this beautiful bar.

You’ll also find out more about The Royal Mint’s commitment to diversity as well as an insight into what is yet to come. There will be an opportunity for feedback and questions during this session.

The Importance of Die Trial Pieces – 20 Sept 2021

Making coins takes a great deal of craftsmanship and efficiency in order to produce high-quality coinage. As part of this process, The Royal Mint regularly creates trial pieces to test the dies that allow us to produce our coins with unwavering accuracy. In this insightful webinar, guest speakers NPI Technical Manager Dan Thomas and Chief Engraver Gordon Summers will discuss the production process and detail how die trial pieces are used to help maintain our high standards. The webinar is suitable for both budding numismatists and seasoned collectors interested in gaining an insight how our 1,100-year-old organisation makes its coins.

Making the Grade: Coin Grading and Slabbing Webinar – 21 Sept 2021

Join The Royal Mint’s historical numismatic specialist Matt Curtis and Numismatic Conservation Services President and NGC Finalizer David J. Camire for our special Making the Grade: Coin Grading and Slabbing webinar as part of Collect Week 2021. The grade of a coin helps to determine its condition and quality, whilst slabbing can preserve and confirm a coin’s authenticity. Discover all about the processes a coin goes through before it is certified, the different striking standards in the United Kingdom and across the world, and how using expert grading and slabbing services can add value to your coin collection. Whether you are an established collector or just getting started on your collecting journey, this webinar offers an invaluable insight about what to look for when you are buying high-quality coins and medals. 

Investing in Gold from The Royal Mint – 22 Sept 2021

Investing in gold has never been so popular. Valued for its ability to perform well during times of boom and bust, gold has been trusted by investors all over the world for millennia. Find out more about investing in gold at our informative talk in partnership with the World Gold Council (WGC). Listen to The Royal Mint’s Andrew Dickey and Chris Barker along with WGC’s Louise Street as they discuss the gold standard throughout history and the impact of gold on the world today. Discover why gold coins are a popular choice for many investors.

How to Start a Collection – 23 Sept 2021

Available for those new to the wonderful world of numismatics as well as dedicated collectors, this insightful webinar offers expert insight on how to start and preserve a coin, medal or precious metal collection. The panel of guest speakers consists of Account Manager Daniel Cooke from Collector Services at The Royal Mint, who will delve into the basics of starting a collection along with Sales Manager (Packaging) Lennart Stuhr and Sales Manager Georg Motschmann from Lighthouse, who will share their expertise on how to protect, care and display your collection.

As part of Collect Week 2021, this webinar will take place at 11am on 23 September 2021 and is not to be missed – particularly if you’re interested in starting a collection or would like expert advice on how to best care for your current collection.

The Art of Coins: Behind the Design with The Royal Mint – 9 Sept 2021

Did you know that each coin produced by The Royal Mint is an original work of art? Join Product Manager Chris Facey and Designers Dominique Evans and Dave Knapton as they go behind the design of four famous UK coins. We’ll talk to the artists about their surprising career paths, how their designs evolved and reveal what The Royal Mint looks for in a coin design.

Trial of the pyx - 22 July 2021

As one of the nation’s longest-established judicial ceremonies, the Trial of the Pyx has a rich and fascinating history. It brings together some of the United Kingdom’s oldest organisations and offices with the purpose of ensuring the quality and accuracy of the nation’s coinage.

Investing in Gold: What are the Options? – 17 June 2021

During this session we will hear from The Royal Mint’s precious metals market expert, Stuart O’Reilly, in relation to gold’s recent performance and the outlook for the next couple of months. 

Pensions: Planning for a Golden Retirement – 29 April 2021

As we delve into the 2021/22 tax year, many of us are making a conscious effort to review our pension portfolios and check that we are on track for a great retirement.

Henry VII sovereign the beginning – how to start collecting and why – 11 February 2021

The talk will focus on Henry Tudor who became the first Tudor King on 22nd August 1485. Married to Elizabeth of York, Henry was a very successful monarch. Introducing a new series of gold coins including the largest yet struck - the fine gold Sovereign.
Christopher Dando will focus on coin collecting, how to start a historic coin collection and discuss why choose coins to collect.

Investing in the Future of Gold – 23 February 2021

Join us for The Royal Mint’s first precious metals webinar, where we welcomed Louise Street, Market Intelligence Manager at The World Gold Council, to discuss the investment case for gold and an outlook on its performance in 2021. 

The History of Branch Mint Sovereign – 25 November 2020

Alongside coins struck at The Royal Mint in Tower Hill, between 1855 and 1932, Sovereigns were also struck at branch mints close to where the gold was mined. Distinguished by a series of mint marks that indicate their place of origin, these coins make up a fascinating chapter in The Sovereign’s history, and their story starts on the other side of the world.

The History of The Royal Mint and the birth of the Sovereign – 22 Oct 2020

Find out about the range of services available to help you get more out of your coin collection, or get started with this fascinating hobby.

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