Auction Consignments

If you have a coin or coins you are looking to sell an auction can often be the best way to find the right buyer. The Royal Mint’s regular auctions provide a great opportunity to offer your coins to a large buying audience. Selling in a Royal Mint auction can help make sure you get a fair price for your coins while being confident they are going to a good new home. Get in touch with our experienced auction team today to see how easy consigning to The Royal Mint auctions is.

Reasons to consign your coins to a The Royal Mint auction:

We offer competitive selling fees - often 0%

We have a massive database of potential buyers

The prestige of selling your coins through The Royal Mint

Regular auctions mean frequent opportunities to sell

Great bidding software means it’s easy for buyers to take part

How to consign coins to a Royal Mint auction.
  1. Contact us via our consignment form below with details of the coin you would like to sell.
  2. We need to have as much information about each coin as possible so we can make sure we place it in the best sale and get you the best price. We will need to know what the coin is and what grade it is in. The best way to answer this is to send us high-resolution pictures of each side of the coin when you complete our consignment inquiry form.

  3. We will get back to you with our estimated auction valuation
  4. If you are happy with our estimate send the coin to us with the reference number we give you using our freepost service
  5. Once we have received the coin we will confirm the condition and estimate of the coin and issue the sales contract.
  6. Near the auction day, we will send you details of which lot number your coin is so you can watch it selling
  7. Once your coins are sold we will make payment (less any fees if applicable) in the agreed timeframe.

Consignment criteria

We are particularly interested in coins that were originally struck by The Royal Mint, in Gold or Silver but we will be happy to consider any coin you wish to sell. If it doesn’t fit into an auction we may be able to offer you a direct purchase through our Coin Buying Service.

Enquiry form

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To proceed to the next stage, simply enter your details on the form below. A member of our customer service team will respond to you within 3 working days.

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